Private pool in Arkley, Barnet.

Exclusive use of private pool for learning how to swim.

Arkley pool is located at a private residence. When you arrive at your lesson you shall have sole access and use of the pool. No other swimmers. This is perfect for those who rather privacy whilst learning how to swim.

Arkley, Barnet swimming pool;

  • 10m pool - This is just the right size for pretty much all learners and some intermediate swimmers. You have enough distance to build up stroke work and practice turns.

  • Shallow and deep end - Learning how to swim in the deep end is what its all about. In Arkley we can focus on this from day one.

  • 30 degrees - Ideal swimming temperature for little ones and big ones! Nice and relaxed.

  • No other pool users - You shall have sole access to the pool, no other people around. The pool owner is next door in their private residence, so we have help in case of emegencies.

  • Private parking - Space for 3 cars to park in front of the swimming pool.

This pool is ideal for private 1 to 1 swimming lessons, treading water, dives, turns, children and adults. We have limited time slots during the week. Tues, Thur and Fri 6:15am or 7:15am for one hour.

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Make a splash in luxury. Dive into your private Arkley oasis today!

Arkley, Barnet

Private location, exclusive pool hire