About Swimming Class UK

Welcome to Swimming Class UK, where established swimming coach Brian FitzGerald brings over 25 years of experience to help you achieve your aquatic goals. Whether you're looking to learn to swim, master competition skills, train for Iron Man events, or overcome a fear of water, we offer a range of tailored services to meet your needs.

Our Offerings:

- Learn to Swim Packages: Designed for beginners of all ages to build confidence and skills in the water.

- Competition Skill Mastery: Perfect for swimmers aiming to refine their techniques and excel in competitions.

- Long Distance Training for Iron Man Events: Specialised training programs to prepare you for the endurance challenges of Iron Man competitions.

- Overcoming Fear of Water: Private sessions in a serene setting to help you conquer your water phobia.

Locations and Special Courses:

- Barbican (School Holidays): Five-day crash courses available, featuring both shallow and deep ends to accommodate all skill levels.

- Borehamwood: Lane coaching sessions ideal for experienced swimmers looking to enhance their skills.

- Arkley, Barnet: Private one-on-one sessions in a small, secluded pool, perfect for both adults and children who prefer privacy.

Home Pool Lessons:

For those with a home pool, I offer the convenience of home visits. Simply provide the location and preferred timing, and I am available for lessons seven days a week.

Our Progression Stages:

- Kids Progression Stages: Structured levels to track and encourage children's swimming development.

- Adults Progression Stages: Clear stages to help adults advance from beginners to confident swimmers.

- Learn to Swim Stages (UK Standard): Following national standards to ensure comprehensive skill development.

Specialised Coaching:

- Private Swimming Coaching: Personalised lessons tailored to individual needs.

- Learn to Tread Water: Essential skills for safety and confidence in the water.

- Triathlon Lane Coaching: Focused training to prepare for triathlon swimming segments.

- Swimming Crash Courses: Intensive sessions designed to rapidly improve swimming abilities.

Join us at Swimming Class UK and let Brian FitzGerald's expertise guide you or your child to swimming success. Contact us today to book your session and start your aquatic journey!

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