Who we are

Our growing team of swimming professionals are from all corners of the globe, each with their own swimming story. All our swimming teachers have ASA or STA qualifications, up to the highest standards in the United Kingdom. We have a mixture of coaches, teachers and competitors, which brings an interesting mix of experience. Our swimming team treat their jobs as professionals, which means they are all working 30+ hours a week teaching swimming only. We have all worked for the top private swimming schools throughout London, which has given us the expertise, experience and knowledge required to excel at our jobs.


“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”

Vince Lombardi


We believe that swimming is not just about beating times, it is also about having fun and learning how to overcome your obstacles. Everyone that has learned to swim with us at Swimming Class UK has forged strong bonds with their swimming teacher. This is one of the most important steps in the learning process, to become comfortable with your teacher and surroundings. Our team has a vast arsenal of skill sets, each has their own unique way of teaching you how to swim and have fun. If you have a fear of water, and have never put your face in the pool, we have the right teacher for you! If you are trying to improve your open water swimming times, we have expert coaches (who still compete) ready to give you the direction you need.

What makes a great swimming teacher?

1. Experience. Choosing the right instructors is pivotal for our swimming school. Each team member comes from a background that was based around aquatic activities. We have surfers, swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, physical education teachers, synchronised swimmers and water polo players. They also have worked extremely hard to achieve excellence through professionalism.

2. Patience. Teaching swimming is a practice of patience, and repetition. We are ready to stand by your side, as you put your face in the water for the first time. Or do 100 lengths of the pool, trying to get that arm catch just right. We watch, and instruct, with compassion and encouragement throughout. We never bark or bite! This is an old school method to teaching, we are the new kids on the block.

3. Professionalism. We have a combined working experience of 30 plus years, and we have taught tens of thousands of children and adults how to swim. Teaching people of all abilities is something we pride ourselves on. You are going to be glad to have chosen our swimming team, as we can teach everyone how to swim and be at ease in the water.

4. Humour. Having a laugh is important to us. It comes with the territory, spending so much time in the water is fun! We are lucky enough to work with people who are generally happy positive people. This adds a fun dynamic to the learning process, and also makes you feel at ease. Laughing is a key factor to healthy positive learning, in all aspects of life.

Swimming is our passion

brian fitzgerald swimming
Brian FitzGerald
Brian excels at working with nervous adults and energetic children. He is the sole founder of the company, and passionate about swimming. Having been born into a family of swimmers and coaches, Brian's earliest memories are from swimming! He currently competes as a Masters swimming with Potters Bar Swimming Club, specialising in the 200m IM, 400m IM and 400m fc. When Brian is not swimming, he can be found mustering up culinary feasts for friends and family. Also has a BA degree in graphic design, and is passionate about photography.
danni swimming class u
Danielle Petticrew
South African
Growing up in the Sunny climes of South Africa Danni's natural environment is water. When she's not swimming teaching she's a scuba diving instructor on an exotic tropical island. Danni has a wealth of teaching experience with babies, children, adults and special needs. She absolutely LOVES teaching, is a perfectionist when it comes to technique but most of all finds it thoroughly rewarding unlocking students' absolute passion for swimming, transforming the fearful into the unflappable! She has the knack of tailoring her lessons to her student's specific needs and her lessons strike a good balance of fun and structure. Danni is available Sunday afternoons in Barbican and for home swimming.
eva swimming class uk
Eva Slováková
Working with the most established swimming schools I enjoy teaching children as well as adults from complete beginners to competitive and long distance swimmers. My background is a competitive free diving swimming. I am passionate about aquatic sports since very early age and I love inspiring my swimmers to have fun whilst learning essential swimming skills.
alejandro swimming class uk
Alejandro Salmeron
Alex begun his career as a leisure monitor, later specialising in sport camps. Developing his passion for swimming and coaching he moved into swimming teaching, looking to transmit that very same energy to his students Sports in general but overall swimming, are the key to generate self-motivation, building up confidence in one self that can be later applied to all stages of life. And is so he wants to imprint that feeling to the people he teaches.
Francesco Coppeta swimming class uk
Francesco Coppeta
Francesco has been training in swimming since he was nine years old and teaching for the past four years. His lessons are based on detailed physical demonstrations from in and out of the water. He’s playful with the little kids and he likes to motivate his students ,adults one especially. Francesco believes that every skill is learnable throughout practice and dedication, he applies this mindset during his teaching. He also enjoys grappling sports and to exercise daily.
Izabela Biala swimming class uk
Izabela Biala
I love teaching people the ability to swim, as swimming and fitness has always been a passion of mine. I have a background in competitive swimming and other sports which I had taken part in, in Poland. Breastroke and Front Crawl being my favourite strokes. Teaching others has become my biggest passion as I enjoy helping people succeed in their goals. I like to make my lessons fun and interesting which has allowed pupils to achieve skills and goals within aquatics. I am a qualified swim teacher holding a ASA level 2 Swim Teaching Qualification.
Paulina Biernat swimming class uk
Paulina Biernat
Paulina learned how to swim at a young age and has loved the water ever since. She swam competitively for 6 years .One of her favorite strokes is Freestyle and her favorite event is the 50-yard Freestyle. Paulina has been coaching for over 12 years.   Her favorite part about teaching swimming lessons is being able to see her students learn to swim and knowing that it was under her coaching.