Swimming Class offer an extremely positive, encouraging, committed and highly skilled teaching and have the genuine ability to motivate and enthuse about the sport. I have developed to a level that I didn't think was possible - and am very impressed!
Awesome class, the teachers are great! We have been doing it for months and can no longer stop! We improved our skills a lot!
I was looking for swimming lessons somewhere close to work. I could barely swim and was afraid of being in water. The approach in lessons was great and very tailored. One exercise after another my technique was building up and my fears were disappearing. After 10 lessons I felt very comfortable in water. And after 20 I'm quite a good swimmer. Now I only need to work on my endurance.
I recently booked my two girls (aged 5 and 7) in for a week's worth of daily lessons during the Summer holidays. Probably the best investment I've ever made. He was patient and supportive, managed to hold their attention and keep the lessons fun. And by the end of the week they'd gone from girls who were happy to splash around in a pool as long as their feet were on the bottom to being able to float, go underwater, and kick themselves along. They found the lessons incredibly exciting, and couldn't wait to get there every single day. I'll be booking back in for regular lessons. A great experience for the kids - and a joy for me to watch them learn.
My swimming skills were so so prior to my ex telling me to learn which I did at another school. Then we broke up damn , then did another search found swimming classes last month. Love it with a passion now I can swimming a length with ease - push, glide, kick and smooth front crawls :) Lessons are tailored to the individual's skill level then broken down :D Splendid will recommend to family friends anybody :D these guys rock Brian and Steve :)
Really satisfied with Swimming Class UK, I have greatly improved since my very first lesson and also I am really enjoying them. I would happily recommend Swimming Class to anyone willing to improve or learn how to swim.

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