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Our base of aquatic operations is the river Thames… Only kidding! We have one swimming location in central London, a short walk from tube stations (Moorgate, Barbican, Liverpool Street and Old Street). We have attached a link below with our location facts for your information.

We teach kids private swimming lessons and adult swimming lessons in Central London Places are limited so please book your place now. Also, nervous adults looking to conquer their fear of water. This pool is perfect for deep water swimming lessons too, we are also preparing a treading water swimming class. Please email us now to reserve your place.

City of London School for Girls, Barbican is base Saturday swimming school. Located in the beautiful Barbican district, a hidden oasis in the City of London. The school swimming pool is perfectly sized for completing the learn to swim programme, and progressing your way to the deep end for more advanced skills. Saturdays we hire the pool between 1500 and 1900 only. Our team of eight experienced teachers and coaches are eager to meet you, and help you achieve your swimming dreams.

Home swimming pools – if you have your own swimming pool we can come to you for a private swimming lesson at the privacy of your own home. We have worked with high profile clients over the last six years, serving homes in Hampstead, Regents Park, Holland Park, Highgate and many more areas within the city. If you have a home swimming pool, and want to make extra cash, we can pay you to use your swimming pool. This can be an attractive and easy way to make extra income. Let us know and we will get in touch.

City of London School for Girls

Private school - 23.4 metre pool - Moorgate 8 min walk - Barbican 10 min walk
City of London School for Girls, St Giles Terrace, Barbican, London EC2Y 8BB
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Home Swimming Lessons

London based
We are available seven days a week, and at short notice, for home swimming lessons in central London. Our swimming instructors are all experienced coaches/teachers/swimmers, and have worked with many high profile clients over the previous ten years. Our service is discreet, streamlined and we pride ourselves on punctuality.