What To Bring for Your First Swimming Lesson.

Not sure what to bring to the swimming pool? Let me suggest what you should bring for your first swimming lesson.


  • Swim Wear

Please do not wear shorts or bikini’s. If you are a guy, and you wear shorts then you are making it more difficult. The shorts will create drag and add weight to your body. There are many options for guys swim wear – it does not have to be ‘speedos’ – lots of decent choice. Ladies should get a proper swim suit too, they are made for swimming, which will make your lesson more enjoyable.

  • Swimming Goggles

Your eyes can get irritated if you do not have proper goggles. Also you will not be able to see! The choice of goggles is vast, I recommend trying them on in the shop first. Find ones that fit and are comfortable. Goggles need to be tight, otherwise water will get in. You can also find prescription goggles at your optician. They are not that expensive, definitely worth it.

  • Swimming Hat

Swimming hats are essential – your hair may be a distraction during the lesson, and it is more hygienic to wear a hat. My favourite hat would be a latex swimming hat. I find the silicone hats are too tight, they make my head numb!! You can also find cloth hats, which are very soft on the head.

  • Towel

Large towels are best, the walk into the changing rooms can be chilly so wrap up warm. Some people like to wear a bath gown into the pool area, this is fine also.

  • Flip flops

Keep your toes nice and dry while walking to and from the pool. Again, it is more hygienic to wear some sort of pool footwear. If you can find a pair that are made for the pool deck they may also prevent you from slipping!

  • Water bottle

Drinking water while swimming is vital, more so for advanced swimmers. Your body loses a lot of liquids whilst swimming. People forget that they are sweating in the water, it is difficult to tell. Sipping water every 15 minutes is sufficient.


Some people have problems with water in their ears and nostrils. To remedy this, you can buy ear plugs and a nose clip. I do not recommend this for the first lesson, it is more natural to learn without these items. But if it is essential, then go for it. They can help.

Also, you need a padlock for the lockers. The gym is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.

More advanced swimmers have many other tools for their kit bag. Flippers, pull buoy, hand paddles, snorkels, kick board, etc – if you want more information about any of these, ask me!