Toddler swimming lessons

Toddler swimming lessons are available at our Barnet pool only, this pool is heated to an ideal temperature for young toddlers learning how to swim. The Swimming lessons in Barnet are available Monday to Friday, throughout the day time. The lessons can be private one to one or small groups are also possible. This is popular with people that come together with friends or family. Each lesson is designed with the toddlers age in mind. We play games, sing songs and develop your toddlers water based skills. Weekly Swimming Lessons for Toddlers are an amazing social experience too, every week the toddlers become more adapted to the water and start to memorise the songs and games. We find after a few months of swimming, your children will be more peaceful and content in all water situations. Learning how to swim can be encouraged during bath time too, playing games and showering your baby can speed the learning experience.