Before the lessons, I had very little prior experience of swimming. I have managed to progress very quickly and also built up my confidence in the water. Many of the myths of swimming were debunked, such as using excessively powerful strokes. I was pleased how I am taught not only how to swim, but tips to improve my posture and reduce fatigue. Finally, the location and facilities are very good.


S. Chandramohan – Adult Swimming Class



Just wanted to say thanks! Although we only had an hour I took everything you said onboard and did the 2.24km swim in 38mins!

It was amazing and I am booked in to do more!

C. Davies – Triathlon Swimming Class



Having attended about 2 months of group lessons and still unable to swim I was starting to feel sceptical about learning as an adult altogether.

I decided to give private lessons a try and it has been worth every penny!  Brian has been an amazing teacher – kind, patient, flexible, fun, encouraging and teaches at a great pace.

Before these lessons Id avoid the deep end of pools and keep my head above water and now I am confident in the water and can actually say I can swim now!

I would highly recommend one to one lessons with Brian, the pool is never busy and the water is lovely and warm so don’t let the winter put you off, its a great work out and its never too late to learn!

V. Moore – Adult Swimming Class




In just a few weeks of taking lessons with Brian, I have felt a significant positive change in my abilities. As a late learner I had always been very nervous. Brian has been great at helping me to face my fears head on. Relaxing both body and my mind in the water was probably my biggest challenge. Brian really seems to understand what it takes to get around these fears. My goal to enjoy swimming competently, without fear seems very achievable now.
If, like me, you are a late learner – I would recommend Brian as a tutor for sure!

S. Kaler – Adult Swimming Class



I really can’t recommend Brian enough, he is a brilliant teacher and my son really likes Brian which makes the lessons a whole lot easier.  After having my son in countless swimming classes and not noticing any difference I tried to find 1-1 lessons so that he could develop quicker, I found Brian’s details online, with rave reviews and flexibility on lesson times I booked my son in and we have not looked back since.  He has made considerable progress with structured lessons and Brian introduces elements of play meaning my son has fun learning as well.  Booking with Brian was the best decision we have made, we will soon be looking to get my 3 year old daughter swimming lessons with Brian as well.  Both my son and I cannot recommend Brian enough.

C. Lynskey – Children Swimming Class



My little girl, aged 4, started having 1:1 lessons with Brian in November time. At first, she didn’t like having her head under water, didn’t like jumping in and was generally nervous in the water – although she loved the idea of swimming. Brian has helped her come on so well and so quickly. Now, after say 10 or so lessons, she loves jumping in, is always going under water, can swim by herself on her back and LOVES being in the water. It’s hard to get her out after the lesson has finished! Brian has a great teaching technique and is great with children. He makes the lessons fun and enjoyable, incorporating games into his teaching. My daughter is learning through fun which makes it pleasurable for her and for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how her swimming improves over the next 10 lessons.

L. Warner – Children Swimming Class




Brian has been teaching our 2 boys (7 & 10) once a week since Christmas, and in that short time their confidence has grown immensely. They love going to Brian’s lessons and we’re very happy with their progress so far.

A. Bone – Children Swimming Class




Brian taught my now 6 year old to swim and he was brilliant. My daughter is now incredibly competent in the water and can do long distances of both front crawl and backstroke without any problem. Brian is very friendly and clear in his instruction and classes are always good fun. I cannot recommend him highly enough and am just waiting now to get started with my young son!

B. O’Brien – Children Swimming Class




Our 11-month-old baby swims with Brian and we find him a patient, good-natured teacher who is not intimidated by the occasional tantrum! He creates new and fun ways to introduce the little ones to water and the movements of swimming.

F. Graham – Parent & Toddler Swimming Class




We really enjoy Brian’s class.  He is teaching our one year old and has a great disposition with babies/young children.  The class is a mix of games, songs and swimming and is geared towards getting babies comfortable in the water.  We look forward to seeing her progress and learn how to do the various swim strokes!

C. Teng – Parent & Toddler Swimming Class




If you have given up trying to swim I don’t blame you – I did. I gave it one last shot with Brian and I am so pleased I did. He is patient and more importantly he is IN THE POOL, not barking at you from the side. He is patient and understands for some people just going into the tiled pool area can be scary. Wether you are a body builder or a grandma he has a way to relate and care. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you have given up then I strongly suggest you try a lesson before throwing your towel in the pool.

 D. Stamford – Adult Swimming Class




As an absolute beginner, I have found Brian to be a fantastically understanding teacher for swimming; he is engaging, disciplined and has a clear passion for swimming. His approach has helped me gain confidence in the water and I am now able to swim alone. I highly recommend swimmingclass.co.uk and Brian.

 S. Raza – Adult Swimming Class




Why is Brian different? Well first of all compared to some swim coaches I’ve tried he recognised my strengths and weakness. Trust me there where not many strengths. He also created a training program that has seen me not just improving my weakness, but also enhancing my strengths giving me quick improvements. Because I can see progress (I’m a want it all now type of guy) I’ve stuck with the program, rather than getting frustrated. Put it this way, Brian is the first swim coach to give me a kick that takes me forward rather than no where. He also managed to do that without making me do endless kick sessions. I have yet to swim a full ironman since starting with Brian but my ‘test swims’ suggest he’s already given me a 15% improvement in my times.

K. Willers – Triathlon Swimming Class




Brian is an excellent teacher. As a novice swimmer training for triathlon he has his work cut out, but mixes the sessions so that no matter how much water I drink I still have a smile on my face. I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time that I can now practice the technical drills on my own and progress further with weekly sessions from Brian to push me on to the next step. These swimming classes are geared to however much you want to get out of them – you’ll never be asked to do something you can’t, you’ll always be encouraged and if you show the willingness and aptitude to learn, Brian will help definitely help you realise your goals.

N. Price – Triathlon Swimming Class




I have just completed my very first week of training with Brian, having signed up for one of his 5 day programmes. The whole week has been a very positive experience from start to finish. I can not believe how much progress I have made in such a short period of time. His technique, his patience and his constant words of encouragement are in no small way a key to the success of my week. He is calm and encouraging and never loses focus on making you a better swimmer. I am more than happy to recommend him to others and I plan to go back in a few weeks in order to improve my technique. If you are in any doubt about lessons, just like I was, I would encourage you to put your doubts aside and ‘take the plunge’!

R. Small – Intensive Swimming Course




I think Brian could probably teach a rock to swim. I recently completed the one week intensive course, hopeful that he could do the impossible and teach me to at least float in the water. I was not disappointed. By the end of the week I was not only floating and gliding but managing to swim several metres at a time. A small miracle considering how uncoordinated I am. Brian is an incredibly patient and talented teacher. Each instruction is broken down into steps and link together to help build your skill and confidence. If one method doesn’t work for you, he will find another that does. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.

N. Mcaddy – Intensive Swimming Course