Swimming Crash Course

Swimming Crash course for children and adults at a private pool in Islington, London. We run a 5 day course every week at swimmingclass.co.uk for all levels. From absolute beginners, to the more advanced – we have a program that will cater for all your needs. There are numerous benefits to swimming everyday – and learning how to swim everyday speeds up the learning process.

Below is a brief description of how we teach each level on our intensive course.


  • Beginner

If you are a complete beginner, we take the class at your pace. Our instructor is an expert at making you feel comfortable. We will first teach you how to walk through water. Then slowly show you how to gently float, with your head out, then with your head in the water. Step by step giving you the confidence to float by yourself. The instructor will be in the water with you to help you reach your goals. You can expect to learn how to float, glide and kick your legs in one week.


  • Improver

This program is aimed at people who already know how to swim, and would like to fine tune their skills. We analyse your body position in the water, through carefully selected drills and exercises, then introduce new skills in a gradual maner. A lot of people pick up bad habits through swimming, we aim to correct these habits and make you swim smoothly. Within one week you can expect to swim more confidently and more efficiently.


  • Advanced

People who swim at the top level (triathlon, masters, competitive) can always improve their stroke and times. We have a high intensity program for people wanting to slash their times and improve their stroke rate. This swim week will help all age groups to swim better. Children in clubs, adults in triathlon or even the casual competitive swimmer will gain a vast amount of new drill work within this week program.


  • Children

One week intensive swim week for children has the most impact. It is fun, packed with games, learn new skills and become like little fish! Every time we start a program with a new child they are so eager to come back everyday, the parents are always pleased and it also teaches children the dangerous and hazards involved with water. Swimming everyday for one week will have lifetime benefits for your children, they will become water confident and learn to enjoy the water environment.


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