Swim Lessons for Adults because you don’t want to sink!

Swimming Class UK in central London is not just a regular swim school, it will be an enriching experience for whoever comes in for a lesson.

Swimming is an exercise that teaches you many valuable everyday lessons; it builds your confidence, it teaches patience, hard work and the importance of moving forward. Although swimming is an individual sport, having lessons with one of our teachers will also teach you the values of teamwork.


That is exactly why you need One to One swimming lessons for adults it helps in bandaging the physical and mental wounds and let them swim with a better efficiency amidst the turmoil in life. However, one to one swimming lessons for children it prepares them for a better tomorrow with all these values. Besides swimming is a sport as well a life saving skill that might come handy at any point in life. Don’t just be spectators while you can be life savers! Swimming Class UK also offers several such life saving lessons. Whichever lesson you commence with, it shall be a tailor made lesson to suit your potential in swimming. Learn to Swim and Deep to Shallow packages, though, are the most popular.

What is special here?

  • At Swimming Class UK, the lessons are divided in five categories, Kids, Adults, private, Triathlon and Crash course.
  • These lessons are further sub categorized as swimming lessons, school swimming lessons and open water swimming lessons throughout the London area.
  • The team of coaches and teachers are all experienced and professional. In fact, they are ex-competitive swimmers, water polo players and active open water competitors. Each year the coaches and teachers are sent for CPD courses throughout the year to keep enhancing their learning in order to share more and more knowledge with the swimming community in London. The teachers have renowned qualifications with DBS certifications.
  • The Adult swimming lessons, here, are customized and formulated to let you benefit the most out of the packages. The programs are designed for all levels of adults, be it a novice or a pro! Keeping your comfort as our utmost priority, the lessons are result oriented and instant.

Prepare to take lessons for life with this sport! Contact [email protected], or visit their website, https://swimmingclass.co.uk/contact/ and enroll today.

No swimming until January 2021 at City of London School due to COVID-19. We hope to resume swimming in the new year. If you require home swimming lessons, please contact us today.