Summer Swimming Lessons

Our swimming school is the only school in London open 7 days a week, 7am – 9pm. You can have a crash course anytime you want!

Getting ready for the summer holidays? Swimming should be priority number one! Too often, I read the news about a tragic death during a sunny holiday. This can be prevented by investing in proper swimming lessons, even one week of swimming will help every child and adult learn how to be in the water.

We teach our swimming lessons in central London, at Clerkenwell. The gym is Soho Gyms, and they are open 7 days a week, 7am – 9pm. So we have a lot of flexibility for our summer swimming lessons. We are taking bookings for the summer program now, so contact us now, and book your summer swim course.

You can book a 5 day or a 7 day swimming course.

One to one lessons.

Two to one lessons.

30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Summer swimming lessons are getting more and more popular, every year we see an increase in bookings. People are starting to realise the importance of learning how to swim and learning how to swim properly! Private swimming lessons are much more effective than group lessons, the cost is higher, but the learning process is much faster.


No swimming until January 2021 at City of London School due to COVID-19. We hope to resume swimming in the new year. If you require home swimming lessons, please contact us today.