One to One Swimming Lessons

Do I need one to one swimming lessons?

If you are undecided about private swimming lessons, let me help you make your decision with some information and background. By the end of this post, you should be more eager than ever before to learn how to swim with us!

Learning how to swim is costly, I agree.  But it is money well spent – and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life. Choosing private lessons can be more of a big commitment financially. Compared to going to the local pool for group lessons but let me explain why private swimming lessons are worth every penny!

  1. Experience – Swimming teachers that work in the private industry usually have about ten years experience within the sector. Previously working with the top swimming schools (Swimming Nature, Swimming Rocks, SwimWay etc) in London. This has given them invaluable experience.
  2. Patience  – We only work with the teachers who understand that everyone learns at a different pace. This requires patience and compassion. Each child/adult have different life experience – which has shaped them throughout their life. Working on each student with a different approach is the best way to bring the most out of the lesson. It is not a case of one lesson plan for all. We tailor the lesson for you.
  3. Flexibility – Having a private lesson gives the student much more flexibility in bookings, cancelling and choosing when to have lessons. Many swimming schools will lock you in at a chosen time and day, with no exceptions. Our goal is to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Letting you cancel lessons any time up to 24 hours before the lesson begins.
  4. Relationship – Working closely together to accomplish your goal build character and personal relationships. When the client and teacher become more relaxed, the learning process excels. We do not bark or bite! The structure of the lesson is relaxed, and generally a pleasant experience!
  5. Time – Learning to swim with one to one swimming will be quicker than every group lesson you have ever tried before. We are committed to achieving your goal in the shortest time possible. Pushing you beyond your expectations is what we aim to do. Every sixty minutes, you will notice a vast improvement in your swimming ability. One to one swimming lessons are famous for this!
  6. Education – Understanding what you are learning is just as important as doing what you  are learning. Swimming is quite a technical skill, as you are getting to grips with all the new jargon, we will also educate you on the why, how, when etc. Each little technical aspect of the swimming stroke has a reason, and if you understand  as you practice, it makes the learning process more fun.