How to Tread Water

Learn How to Tread Water.

How to tread water is the most common question I get asked. It is not too difficult to achieve, with the right guidance and tuition you can learn how to tread water in 2014.

Treading water is a combination of sculling and kicking in unison. The kick is either a breast stroke kick or eggbeater kick. You can also call them ‘frog kick’. Your body has to be vertical in the water, with your head above the surface. Your hands and arms scull the water gently in a downward motion, this supports the kicking motion to keep you afloat.

Below are some links that you may find useful.

  1. Wikihow – Nice explanation with images.
  2. SwimTechniqueTV – Video with close up of sculling.
  3. iSportdotcom – Great video showing both eggbeater and breast stroke kick.
  4. GoSwim – This video explains sculling in detail.

When I teach people how to swim, sculling and floating are thought at the beginning. You will learn how to scull with ease and apply it to any water situation.

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