How To Swim Front Crawl

by [google_authorship]

Ever wonder how to swim front crawl? You can start learning here today. Front crawl is the fastest stroke in swimming. Wonder why? Swimming front crawl utilises the large back and chest muscles, the arms are constantly alternating and the body is flat on the water – streamlined like a ship! The head is under the water, the body rotating side to side with each arm stroke. This rotation cuts the whole body through the water which creates less resistance. When I am teaching students to swim front crawl they are often surprised by the body rotation – and they see the benefit immediately. In this video you can watch Michael Phelps swim beautiful front crawl. Notice the long arm reach, the glide, and the powerful kick. For more information on swimming front crawl check this Guardian article by Sam Murphy.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in England, since the Olympics the interest is growing. In this google trends graph you can see the interest rising each year since 2004. That means more and more people want to learn how to swim, which is understandable. Most of this planet we call earth is made up of water, 70% to be precise. Wouldn’t it be nice to swim front crawl on this water based planet! If you would like to conquer your fear, or improve your technique then we have the right program for you at swimmingclass.co.uk. If you click here you will see the list of classes on offer at our swimming school.