How to float during swimming

Learning how to float is the first lesson in learning how to swim. You need to relax your body, let go of your fears and give yourself to the water.

How to float during swimming is a common question I get. Let me try help you understand it! Floating in water is amazing. Initially it might seem daunting, but once you conquer your fear and give your body to the water it can be immensely rewarding. Kinda like floating in space (I have never been to space, but I guess it could be similar). When you want to learn how to swim, you first need to learn how to float. You can float in a few different positions. Let me list a couple of floating techniques that can help you to become comfortable in water.

  1. Face down– Bend your knees, stretch your arms just under the surface of the water, gently push yourself forward and let your body rise to the surface. Hold your breath to give your body more buoyancy, then slowly exhale as your stand up. Make a star fish shape with your body to balance the weight of your body.
  2. Face up– Bend your knees, let your arms completely relax, look directly up and put your ears back in the water. Now slowly walk backwards, letting the water take your body. When you feel comfortable, let your legs lift off the surface and breathe gently to keep relaxed.
  3. With buoyancy aid– You can use a regular float or a noodle, holding on to the sides with a lose grip. Following the same steps above (1&2). The aid will give you support, but don’t rely on it too long!
  4. Holding on to the side– If your swimming pool has railings or a gutter, you can hold the side and try floating on your front face down. This is a gentle way to begin floating.
  5. Hands on help– When you have fear of water, hands on help is the best way to build confidence to float. Your teacher will direct you and support you in all your actions. This is how I teach and this is how you will learn how to swim. I can help you feel at ease in the water and then you can build a positive relationship with water.


Here are some videos of people explaining how to float in water.

So now you know how to float during swimming, give it a go!