Common Front Crawl Problems

Common front crawl problems are the same all over the world. Everyone that is learning how to swim front crawl will come across the same problems. I have prepared some information to help you understand front crawl better, and to avoid the common front crawl problems.

When you learn how to swim, it generally happens in five stages.

Body, legs, arms, breathing & timing. 

Depending on you abilities, experience and fears, you will learn to swim in a different way to most people. But you must learn the basic body position first. If you have a high head, your legs are too low. If you are extremely tense, you will be fighting and sinking in the water. The more time you spend in the water, the more relaxed you will become. 

Today, I read a post on reddit, it is fantastic and goes into detail pointing out common front crawl problems. I highly recommend that all novice and experienced swimmers read this. It will greatly improve your understanding of swimmer front crawl, and clarify some issues you may have.



No swimming until January 2021 at City of London School due to COVID-19. We hope to resume swimming in the new year. If you require home swimming lessons, please contact us today.