Children’s Swimming Lessons in London- The Gateway for Recreation and Fitness

Swimming falls under life’s most valuable skills and is also considered as an excellent fitness quest that keeps your mind, body, and soul agile. Having Private Swimming Lessons from a renowned institute in Barnet, London not only teaches your kids how to swim properly but also makes them proficient in lifesaving scenarios.

At SwimmingClass.CO.UK, our swimming programs are intended for both beginners & veterans and really beneficial in maximizing your swimming potential. By understanding an individual need, we have categorized the Kids swimming lessons under three parameters: One To One, Two To One and Three To One.

What Child Learns with Private Swimming Lessons?

As a parent, don’t you believe your children deserve the best to shape their future optimally? Kids’ age is considered as the best time period to make them indulge in several activities and give them a chance to absorb various skills. If the foundation of upbringing is built correctly, then they’ll be able to succeed in a precise direction.


Swimming lesson confers your child a chance to jump in the water, enjoy a splashing fun, and learn several aquatic skills like breaststroke, diving, breathing and coordination with other participants. Today, the majority of parents know that Private swimming lessons are best for their child because:   private swimming lessons london

  1. Your child becomes comfortable around water and learns safety skills.
  2. He/she starts to think like an athlete and becomes highly competitive.
  3. With swimming classes, your kids start to adapt to the traits of sportsmanship and learn to support their teammates.
  4. A regular swimming class can make them physically and mentally strong.
  5. Swimming can also be a great workout routine and involves a high-intensity exercise that keeps your body in shape.

Enroll today for the finest swimming lessons in the UK- Our swimming programs are designed in a way to suit all swimmers. Since classes are conducted by a team of professionals and personalized as per the individual needs, as a learner, you’ll not be disappointed by the quality of our program. Besides Children’s swimming lessons, we also specialize in adults, TRIATHLON and CRASH COURSES (both kids and adults).

For a personalized quotation or expert opinion, simply make your next stop at SwimmingClass.CO.UK.



Travel is Not an Issue Anymore- Private Swimming Lessons in Barnet

Swimming is known for an exciting cool gateway for summers, but what if we tell you that it is beneficiary to your child’s health too? Yes, this sport is a package of fun and health benefits. Hence, enrolling your child to a Children’s swimming lessons in London might not be such a bad idea. We at Swimming Class UK offer our extensive training will make you an expert in swimming. Moreover, it is an ideal choice of sports for your kid as it provides well-being for their health.


We have a team of highly qualified professionals to guide about the techniques for swimming. At Swimming Class UK, in addition to our central London services, we also have Private swimming lessons in Barnet. These classes will offer the benefit of personalized training for your child. The days and time slots are limited, so please contact us today to find out more. Moreover, these Private swimming classes have shown a better learning outcome, as the child is trained in a comfortable environment and receive 100% of attention from our swimming teachers.


Children’s swimming lessons in Barnet would benefit on multiple aspects of your child’s health. Following are a few mentioned advantages:

intensive swimming lessons

  • Prevent or overcome the fear of water

Fear of water should not affect the confidence of your child. The initial element that a child will learn from our Swimming lessons in Barnet is comfort with water. Our professional teacher will educate your child about the correct movements and techniques of swimming. As an advantage of our Private swimming lessons in Barnet, you will get instant feedback about your kid’s performance.

  • An essential life skill

Accidents can happen despite taking all precautions. Therefore it is crucial for your child’s safety to learn the skill of swimming. It is essential that your child is comfortable in and out water. Learning swimming will make him ready for any disastrous challenge.

  • An amazing body workout

Swimming promote a healthy lifestyle for your child. It is a good cardio workout method. Chronic disease and mental health is aided by this sport. It is a high-intensive workout which help curing depression and improving mood.

At Swimming Class UK, we offer a provision of personalized packages, suitable to your needs. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Choosing swimming as a sport for your child will be extensively beneficial to their physical and mental health. Without procrastinating, book our private swimming lessons in London today! Visit our website for further information www.swimmingclass.co.uk.




Top 5 List – Dry Land Training For Learning How To Swim

Learning how to swim is best practiced in water, but you can of course prepare on dry land first. For adults, you might have built up some fear or phobia over the course of your life. This can create a barrier for the learning process, we recommend starting with this list of dry land exercises to best help you on your swimming journey.

  •  Breathing exercises in bath or sink.

Filling the bathtub with water, or sink, and submerging your body and face whilst holding your breathe. If you have swimming goggles, use them, and keep your eyes open. This can recreate the swimming pool environment. Once submerged, start to blow bubbles until you have no breathe left. Then raise your head, and repeat. This is the start of our basic breathing exercises.


  •  Listening exercises with headphones and eyes closed.

YouTube and Soundcloud has many water based sound clips. Many go on for hours, and are free to listen to. If you set up a comfortable spot at home, at a relaxed stage of your day. Put on headphones, preferably ones that cover your ears and block out other sounds. Press play on your device, and lay back with your eyes closed. Now visualise you are at the beach, or walking though the waves. Imagine the water gently trickling down your legs, and splashing off your knees. Feel how nice it is. Feel how safe and relaxing it can be. Enjoy the sounds and the feelings.. Check out these links for audio samples – YouTube and Soundcloud.


  •  Mindfulness exercises with guided practice, focusing on your breathe and heartbeat.

Mindfulness can help you prepare for the water and learning how to swim, submerge and float. Many clients have used this technique with amazing results. It is free, easy to learn and all you need is 10 minutes of quiet time at home. Using your mind to prepare for swimming lessons will speed up the lesson progression, and make you much more comfortable. If you read this article, it will help you learn the basics of mindfulness.


  •  Stretching exercises on the gym floor, encouraging limb mobility and flexibility.

Swimmers stretch everyday – it is essential. When you are learning to swim, begin with stretching as it  can make your body more mobile and flexible. Many adults have tension built up, from modern day stress, city living and poor posture at computers. As you begin to stretch on a daily basis, you will notice your posture improving and your muscles will begin to have better blood flow. This page has great illustrations with basic swimming based stretching. Please don’t push too hard, and start gently.


  •  Video preparations, watching swimming videos online and visualising.

There are thousands upon thousands of online videos that can help prepare you for swimming. They range from expert advice, to basic handheld video tutorials. Many people find them beneficial to watch, learn and question what they see. If you start to build a narrative in your mind, related to swimming, it can help you better understand the technical aspects of swimming. I always love when people ask me specific swimming related questions, so feel free to make your own top five list! Here are a couple of great video channels on YouTube that are available to watch.

  1. Effortless Swimming
  2. SwimLife Pro
  3. Swim Fast
  4. Lovely Swimmer
  5. Skills NT Swimming


Swim Lessons for Adults because you don’t want to sink!

Swimming Class UK in central London is not just a regular swim school, it will be an enriching experience for whoever comes in for a lesson.

Swimming is an exercise that teaches you many valuable everyday lessons; it builds your confidence, it teaches patience, hard work and the importance of moving forward. Although swimming is an individual sport, having lessons with one of our teachers will also teach you the values of teamwork.


That is exactly why you need One to One swimming lessons for adults it helps in bandaging the physical and mental wounds and let them swim with a better efficiency amidst the turmoil in life. However, one to one swimming lessons for children it prepares them for a better tomorrow with all these values. Besides swimming is a sport as well a life saving skill that might come handy at any point in life. Don’t just be spectators while you can be life savers! Swimming Class UK also offers several such life saving lessons. Whichever lesson you commence with, it shall be a tailor made lesson to suit your potential in swimming. Learn to Swim and Deep to Shallow packages, though, are the most popular.

What is special here?

  • At Swimming Class UK, the lessons are divided in five categories, Kids, Adults, private, Triathlon and Crash course.
  • These lessons are further sub categorized as swimming lessons, school swimming lessons and open water swimming lessons throughout the London area.
  • The team of coaches and teachers are all experienced and professional. In fact, they are ex-competitive swimmers, water polo players and active open water competitors. Each year the coaches and teachers are sent for CPD courses throughout the year to keep enhancing their learning in order to share more and more knowledge with the swimming community in London. The teachers have renowned qualifications with DBS certifications.
  • The Adult swimming lessons, here, are customized and formulated to let you benefit the most out of the packages. The programs are designed for all levels of adults, be it a novice or a pro! Keeping your comfort as our utmost priority, the lessons are result oriented and instant.

Prepare to take lessons for life with this sport! Contact 07936182778, or visit their website, https://swimmingclass.co.uk/contact/ and enroll today.



The Importance of Learning to Swim

G’day, my name is Bree! ….Bubbly, fun, caring and kind; these are the words I would describe myself as but when it comes to teaching – I am better known as a mentor.

It was in 2010 when I commenced my Swim Instructor qualification. A small town called Morisset located North of Sydney, Australia. Learning to swim is the most important thing in Australia, we pride ourselves on learning how to swim from a young age.

It was here that I rapidly gained rapport and built trusting relationships with staff, students and parents, about making ‘learn to swim’ a top priority for children. This blog will discuss matters of Australia and how swimming is almost compulsory to know, stressing the importance of children at an early age to learn the principles of learn to swim and finally, the benefits and joys of swimming.

A born and bred Aussie, swimming is one of my favourite recreational past times. I grew up in and around water all my life. We had a pool in the backyard, holidayed on some of Australia’s most iconic golden beaches, even caught the odd wave! I camped and fished with friends on a few shady river banks, wouldn’t probably do it now but even kept cool on my Uncles farm swimming in a dirty muddy old dam on the odd occasion to escape an Aussie sizzling hot summers day, I just love it! England was quite the surprise!

# The Importance of Learning to Swim

Safety, Safety, Safety! During my travels here in the UK I have noticed a very different attitude to swimming compared to Australia. Drownings still occur here and with the peak summer months of July and August just around the corner I think it’s with urgency to make people aware of how important it is to learn to swim. What I find startling is recently I read in a report written by The National Water Safety Forum, about 381 drownings and water-related deaths occurred across the UK in 2013. Would you believe, simple activities such as walking alongside water and falling in, swimming and jumping into open water recorded as the main cause. The most important thing being you can’t be everywhere all the time to protect your kids so give them the skills around water they need for survival. Avoiding the issue doesn’t help your kids. Unfortunately, to some families it’s not seen necessary, however, realistically it’s time to change this perspective and it needs to be highly addressed. Respectively, WATER AWARENESS AND SAFETY IS THE KEY!

New UK Figures Reveal 381 Drowning and Other Water-Related Deaths in 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice.

The essential practice of learning to swim is repetition. Firstly, they learn the skill, they practice and repeat the skill and finally, be able to demonstrate the skill with confidence. Like most sports, learning to swim doesn’t happen overnight, depending on experience in the water and how often they are swimming it can take well over 2 seasons, it’s important to be patient with this one.

It is known when a child has had experience with drowning the “mind over matter” kicks in and the child will refuse to get into the water. Initially, lessons 1-5 might be as simple as bonding with the instructor and just getting the child to sit in the water, feeling comfortable but most importantly feeling safe. Thus, it is so important for parents to not interrupt lessons when their child is feeling distressed, crying for “mum/dad” or want to stop the lessons, more so be supportive and encourage the child the benefits of knowing how to swim. The instructor demonstrates simple communicating, clear instructions and ultimately, collaborating with parents and fellow swim instructors where the child is at with their swimming. There is only a certain amount that the Instructors can do in the water. It is up to the parents to continue the practice outside of lessons, to adhere strong learning. The positive outcomes from this will only be portrayed if the child is attending every swimming lesson, making sure they are consistent.

How Swimming Benefits Your Childs Development Brain and muscle co-ordination

It almost seems inconceivable to not have water as part of a persons life. From birth we have a natural and enjoyable connection. According to Hampton Swim School, from birth we can survive in the water;

“babies arrive from a liquid environment of their mother’s womb, and feel quite comfortable in water, until the age of approximately 12 months” as this reference suggest it’s a task that the child has already experienced. It is therefore imperative to make sure children are in the water before they start to develop a sense of fear and lack of confidence.

How To Prepare Your Baby For Swimming

Amongst all the technical skills and importance of it all, swimming is a great enjoyment and provides many health benefits not just for children but for adults and the elderly too. Such as; keeping your heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.

Thanks, Bree