Our Intensive Swimming Classes will Deactivate your fear of Swimming- London

Are you nervous about going into the water? Do you fear that you’ll drown? Voila, now you can overcome that anxiety and swim through the waves. Since we have a perfect lifeguard solution for you, Swimming Class UK in London, offers intensive swimming training suitable to all swimmers.

Even if you are an adult or a kid, we tailor the services to provide you as per your needs. Our aim is to teach you how to be comfortable and completely enjoy the splashes of water. Our team of trainers are experienced proficient swimmers, water polo players and active open water competitors.


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We believe that “there is no end to education” and that is why we continue to educate ourselves to improve our coaching assistance. To gain our knowledge we attend CPD classes throughout the year. Our professional trainer will make sure that you learn how to swim the best way possible. Our Barnet– based intensive swimming classes will make sure that you understand the basic swimming movements and mechanics, the best way possible.


Not comfortable going out to learn swimming? No worries! We bring swimming class to you.

We understand that to learn well you must feel comfortable with the surroundings. There is no place as comfortable as your own home. At Swimming Class UK, we provide Home swimming training for you throughout London. You will be practicing several drills during your training to build muscle memory and to learn swimming. A great advantage for taking Home swimming classes at Barnet is the feature of instant feedback. Any modification required to your drill will be made immediately. Along with Home coaching we offer school swimming and open water swimming lessons to prepare for your advanced swim triathlon.

We promise you that with your dedication and practice you’ll be a marvelous swimmer in no time. Our profound swimming training is just a visit away. Hence stop giving excuses and click https://swimmingclass.co.uk/ to book an appointment NOW.




What could be better than Home Swimming Lessons in London?

If you have a swimming pool in your house or garden, or know someone with a swimming pool, we will be happy to come to you and teach you and your family how to swim. With the scorching weather that we’ve been enjoying this summer there seems to be a lot of people in London wanting Home Swimming Lessons. Let’s talk you through the benefits of having swimming lessons in your own home.

  1. Swimming is a fun sport known to take away your stress so therefore, the last thing you want to do is stress over the time and location of your lesson. Finding a swimming lesson that fits to your schedule can be difficult. By booking a home swimming lesson you get to choose when you have your lesson.
  2. The teachers at Swimming Class UK have a great deal of experience with Home swimming lessons and only deliver the highest quality service.
  3. The home swimming lessons establish a great student-teacher relationship. The speed of improvement tends to be much quicker as there are fewer distractions in a home pool.
  4. Home swimming lesson is a perfect choice to make for beginners, especially kids, as the comfort of being in a private space with which you are familiar ensures a greater level of confidence.

With Swimming Class UK, lessons are not just good practice for your mind, body and spirit, but also a platform to invent a better version of you. Swimming as we know is a fun sport, but the benefit of being trained in this sport should not be underestimated. It could turn out to be a lifesaving event at some point in your life.

Write to us at: https://swimmingclass.co.uk/contact/ or you can also email [email protected]

Choose to swim and not sink, with Swimming Class UK.

No swimming until January 2021 at City of London School due to COVID-19. We hope to resume swimming in the new year. If you require home swimming lessons, please contact us today.