Find the best Adult Swimming Lessons in UK

Private Adult swimming lessons are the most advanced way of learning how to swim. Swimming Class UK has over 22 year experience in delivering bespoke swimming lessons to adults. One to one swimming lessons are different to group lesson we give you the client 100% attention for the duration of the lesson. This is the way forward in learning how to swim. Our swimming lessons are designed to teach you how to swim in the fastest possible way.

Our Swimming lessons London are based on the ASA learn to swim pathway. Each lesson is built towards the goal of being a comfortable swimmer, on your back and on your front. Learning to swim also included movements in the water environment. You will practice how to hold your breath, blow bubbles, and float on the surface. When you become more advanced, you will learn how to use your arms and kick your legs, whilst rotating from your core. We also can tailor a swimming package for open water swimmers, this is hugely popular at the moment. Triathlon swimming is a different skill set, we have the tools and drills to help you achieve your goal.

adult swimming lessons london

Our adult private swimming lessons are available at Barbican. The times are days are very limited, so please get in touch today to find out more. We always encourage you to book at least ten swimming lessons to maintain a positive learning experience. If you only require one lesson that is also fine. When requested, we can also enter the water with you, this is mainly used for people with phobia or fears. Our swimming teachers have wetsuits in preparation for swimming lessons that require that little extra touch.