• Winter Swimming

    Winter Swimming

    If you’re bored of your local leisure centre, check out a few other places to take a dip: swim on the rooftops or brave the Serpentine in Hyde Park… Question: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I want to miss my swim. Where can I go in London? Answer: For the hardy, a dip outdoors

  • Parking

      There is a lot of parking in this area, please check this link for a detailed map of parking around Soho Gyms Farringdon. If you need to know about the congestion zone please refer to this link for a detailed map. Our swim school is in the congestion zone.  

  • How To Swim Front Crawl

    How To Swim Front Crawl

    by [google_authorship] Ever wonder how to swim front crawl? You can start learning here today. Front crawl is the fastest stroke in swimming. Wonder why? Swimming front crawl utilises the large back and chest muscles, the arms are constantly alternating and the body is flat on the water – streamlined like a ship! The head